The project

Promoted by Risanamento S.p.A., the Milano Santa Giulia neighbourhood project covers an area of over 1,200,000 sqm. Based on principles of environmental sustainability (LEED) and of an evolved enhancement of the quality of urban life, it involves a mix of uses including retail facilities, commercial spaces and residential which

is complemented by recreational and cultural amenities.
An extensive infrastructure connects the entire neighbourhood – which is already partly developed – to the city. The different housing types that are planned include both medium level and prestigious residences and amount to approximately 2,500 apartments.

Our Services

Local Partner

We operated as a local partner in order to develop this initiative for residential use.


We made a social and demographic analysis using our database as well a data from institutional sources. We also analyzed the market demand for this kind of product in the area.
All the results of the research were condensed in a final document with definition of reference values.

Project Consultancy

We redefined the master plan and analyzed current and future competitors. Intervening on the initial brief of the project, we conceived an innovative residential product in all its aspects (dimensions, distributions, comfort and general services).

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